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Shop the Design: Modern Earthy Living Room

If you're looking to refresh your space with a modern earthy aesthetic, we've got you covered. Our latest design features a cozy white sofa, organic coffee table, and olive green velvet accent chairs that exude a relaxed, yet refined look. Keep reading to explore this design further and get the link to shop all of these items in the DITD shop.

modern earthy living room design

Relaxed white sofa & black organic coffee table - The neutral, relaxed sofa sets the tone for the feeling of this living room and pairs well with the organic, black coffee table which adds depth to the space.

Olive green velvet accent chairs & ottomans - These olive green accent chairs are the perfect color for an earthy living room, and the velvet adds another texture to the space. For extra seating, textured ottomans are added.

Natural, wood console - The classic, clean lines of the console keep it modern, while the natural wood finish adds warmth to the space. You can easily pair it with other wood finishes in your living room.

Natural area rug - A natural area rug with a subtle pattern is added to ground the space. The rug adds texture and depth to the space without being too overwhelming, and it provides a cozy surface for your bare feet.

Modern black and brass light fixtures - A modern black and brass chandelier elevates the space and pairs nicely with a modern brass floor lamp. The contrast between the black and brass creates a modern look that complements the natural textures of the furniture.


These items styled together create a modern earthy living room that feels relaxed and refined. The design features a neutral and earthy color palette, organic shapes, relaxed seating, and modern lighting. You can shop all of these items in the DITD shop, so you can easily bring this design to life in your own home.


DITD in real spaces

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