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-Veronica Frost

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I'm all about...

Creating the foundations of a timeless home that feels oh-so-inviting and oh-so-you.


It’s true, a thoughtfully placed throw pillow or carefully selected tile can take a space from unremarkable to unbelievable. But at its core, my work as an interior designer extends much deeper than choosing fabrics and fitting windows. It’s about transforming your mood when you walk through the door, finding creative solutions for the way your family functions, and crafting spaces that get at the heart of who you are.


So whether you need a bit of expert design advice to get unstuck or a full gut renovation, I’ve got you covered. Ready to make your dream space a reality, and have a ton of fun in the process?!



The Full Story

Just like the spaces I create, my business started with family at the center.

As a little girl, I used to look out at night over the Arizona valley I call home with my late grandmother, Ann. She called the glistening lights of homes across the desert landscape "diamonds in the desert," a phrase that stuck with me as I grew up and began working in real estate and home flipping. Slowly, I began assisting real estate clients with interior design services and eventually went on to pen Diamonds in the Desert as my own boutique design firm in 2018. Today, I have the honor of helping incredible clients like you through full remodels, room refreshes, design resources, and more.  

The brand values-I never show up to work without:

  • Compassion and understanding: I listen to and strive to meet clients' needs, desires, and dreams for their homes. 

  • Fun: Yes, we can have a ton of fun amidst the hard work!

  • Creativity in all aspects of the design process: I'm not afraid to challenge established norms in favor of more creative solutions.

  • Quality and attention to detail: Each choice and solution I implement is extremely high-quality, down to the last curtain rod and throw pillow. 


When not designing, you'll find me...

Traveling anywhere and everywhere, from luxury hotels in other countries or campgrounds in my own hometown. 

A bit about you

Our partnership is sure to flourish if you...


Understand the value of professional design

 and are ready to invest in professional service. 

Trust my creative expertise

 and are willing to give me creative freedom.

Have a responsive, collaborative communication style

and are able to make decisions quickly.

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