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Shop the Design: A Modern Family Bonus Room That's Fun and Functional

For families, the bonus room is the perfect space for relaxation, fun and connection. It can be your kid's hangout room, your entertainment hub, or your family game night spot. But, designing and decorating your bonus room may be a daunting challenge. You want it to be picture-perfect, cozy, and functional all at once. To make it easy for you, we created a design with products all available in the DITD Shop. Keep reading to find out how we picked each item to create an elevated family-friendly space.

Charcoal Sectional: This sectional is the perfect place for your family to relax after a long day. It features a soft, durable, stain-resistant Crypton fabric in an invitingly dark charcoal. This sectional provides ultimate comfort while also looking stylish and modern. The charcoal color makes it versatile, so it can easily be paired with your other furniture pieces, but we love how it looks with the items we curated.

Black Media Console with Arch Cabinets: This black media console is a great addition to your bonus room, with its ample storage space and sleek arch design. It has large cabinets to store gaming consoles, board games, books, and will look great beneath your TV. We love that you can see the wood detailing behind the glass cabinet doors.

Large Rustic Wood Coffee Table: This coffee table is a great centerpiece for your bonus room, with its rustic design and ample surface area. It not only looks stylish but has plenty of space for drinks or snacks during family game night.

Boucle Ottomans: These boucle ottomans provide extra seating, are lightweight, and versatile. You can use them as footstools or extra seating options for when you have a large number of people over. They look great with the charcoal sectional and rustic coffee table while adding extra comfort and style.

Ping Pong Table That Looks Like Furniture: This ping pong table is the perfect addition to your bonus room, with its stylish design that looks more like a piece of furniture than a game table. It features a black top that gives it a modern look, as well as a wooden base.

Rug and Textiles: To cozy up the space, we added an ivory and grey striped timeless rug that is plaid-inspired, with a criss cross motif. We added an ivory throw blanket and a few throw pillows that are neutral pillows that complement the are arug.

Accents: We included a floor lamp to provide ambient lighting and create a cozy atmosphere and fun artwork, but you can opt to hang family photos. We also added a large wicker trunk which provides a great spot for storing blankets or kids' toys to keep your bonus room clutter-free. To finish the look, we used home decor accessories in black, cream, white, and brass.

With these pieces of furniture in your bonus room, you'll have a practical and stylish space that the entire family can enjoy. The charcoal sectional, black media console, rustic wood coffee table, boucle ottomans, and stylish ping pong table are perfect for creating a family-friendly space for relaxation, fun, and connection. Head over to the DITD Shop to shop this design.


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