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Selections by DITD - A Look Inside Our Interior Design Kits

Selections by DITD was created to help you confidently renovate your bathroom or kitchen with ease. Our interior design kits include all the necessary design details, drawings, and information needed to achieve a designer-worthy look. You can easily access these kits with just a click, and we're thrilled to provide you with an in-depth look at what's inside.

Design Vision & Inspiration

The Selections by DITD interior design kit starts with pages that feature inspiration and vision. These pages will showcase the bathroom or kitchen design aesthetic in a moodboard format, displaying inspiration images, materials, and some key fixtures that represent the design style. These pages aim to capture the design concept and give you a clear idea of the design style, providing confidence in your final design decisions.

Sample Elevations & Renderings

The next few pages of the interior design kit contain sample elevations, key dimensions, and a 3D rendering. Elevations are a critical component in any bathroom or kitchen design. In these line drawings, we provide recommended installation locations and measurements for mirror placement, vanity lighting location and plumbing fixture heights. If you are working with a contractor and they need elevation drawings specific to your space, send us an email at hello@diamondsinthedesertdesign to add on this service.

To further help you visualize the design and ensure that all the materials and fixtures come together perfectly, your interior design kit includes a 3D rendering view of a standard bathroom layout. This rendering includes a detailed perspective of the key elements of the bathroom or kitchen.

Interior Design Kit Selections & Design Details

On the next few pages of your interior design kit, you will find all the selections and design details. Every core element of the bathroom or kitchen has a page filled with images of the selections, tags that match the itemized list in the selections schedule, and important design notes.

Selections Schedule (with links to shop!)

Finally, to make ordering easy for you or your contractor, we include a link to a selections spreadsheet that contains tabs for plumbing, cabinetry, tile, etc. and within those tabs, every selection is itemized with an image, details, and links to order. For clarity, each selection has a tag (i.e., CAB-1, PT-1) that matches the selections pages in the interior design kit.

Interior Design Kit Add Ons

Our interior design kits will give you everything you need to install your bathroom but we also have a few great add-ons if you need help tailoring the design to your space and style. Our add on services include:

  1. Floor Plans and Elevations - Need more specific guidance for your unique space than what’s provided in your kit? Our team can create custom floor plans (detailed drawing of your space from above) and elevations (detailed drawing of your space from the front or side).

  2. Curated Lighting - The key to any great space is great lighting! If you feel your space needs additional light fixtures to complement the ones in your kit, our team is happy to provide you with expert suggestions based on your space.

  3. Style Boxes (Coming soon!) - You’ve got the hard finishes in your kit, but what about those soft finishes that make a space feel truly complete? Coming soon, we will have curated style boxes designed to compliment our kits, with shoppable details like hand towels, soap dispensers, and art prints.

  4. Renovation Guide Book (Coming soon!) - We are working on a Renovation Guidebook that will help you through the renovation process.

Our interior design kits are designed to simplify the process and help you get started without feeling overwhelmed. They contain all the necessary hard finishes such as tile, light fixtures, and paint colors to achieve a specific room aesthetic. By using these kits, you can enjoy the process of creating a space you love. Check out our shop page to view the available designs. We have two bathrooms and one kitchen ready for purchase, with more coming soon!

If you have any questions about our interior design kits, send us an email at


DITD in real spaces

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