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Transform Your Home with Our Virtual Design Services

Embarking on a home renovation or new build journey is an exciting time! It signifies a fresh start, a transformation of space, and, ultimately, a reflection of your own style and personality. In this digital era, physical distances have collapsed, making room for innovative solutions like virtual design services – a timely and exciting concept for home renovators and homeowners alike.

As a Phoenix, Arizona, interior designer, we proudly offer full-service interior design and virtual design services. With our virtual design services, we combine a luxury experience, personal warmth, and the ease of digital access to create spaces, no matter the distance.

virtual design service - diamonds in the desert design

What is Virtual Design?

Imagine redesigning your home from the comfort and convenience of your couch. The idea may seem surreal, but this is exactly what our Virtual Design Service offers. Whether you’re near or far, this service is crafted for those who delight in being hands-on with their home design projects but seek the guidance of a seasoned designer to create the design plan.

Through technology, we bridge any distance to collaborate, create, and curate a space that aligns with your vision, budget, and lifestyle.

How Does Our Virtual Design Service Work?

We start the process with a virtual kick-off meeting, diving deep into your aspirations for your space. During this call, we will review your responses to the design questionnaire and unveil a preliminary mood board and space plan to gather feedback before moving on to sourcing.

Once we know the mood and layout for the space, we move on to sourcing and selecting finishes, furniture, and decor and package all of that up into a design presentation for you to review. We also prepare elevations for the space as needed.

We package up the design plan and send it over for you to provide feedback and request up to 3 edits per space. When we reach the end of the design phase, you are presented with a final presentation accompanied by an all-encompassing source list. With this, you hold the reins to implement the design at your own pace whenever you wish.

And don't fret about the translation of concept to implementation – our drawings and design plan serve as a great resource for you, the contractor, and the trades, ensuring every nuance of the design is communicated flawlessly. We also provide you with a week of support to answer any questions as you think through the implementation phase.

Our Virtual Design Package Includes:

  • A 30-minute Virtual Design Kick-Off Meeting

  • A tailored Mood Board & Space Plan

  • A detailed Design Presentation

  • Selections displayed in Layouts and Images

  • Curated list of Finishes, Fixtures, Lighting, Cabinet Styles, Rugs, and more

  • Space Plans and Elevations showing the scale and layout

  • A recorded walkthrough of the Design Presentation

  • Revisions to cater to your feedback

  • A concluding Design Presentation with a Shopping/Source List

  • Installation Guides and a week of Email Support for any lingering questions

Your Questions Answered

How soon can we transform my space?

We aim to turn around a design in 4 weeks from your project kick-off meeting, with extra time allotted for additional spaces.

What do I need to start this virtual design process?

Gear up for some engaging "homework" – a mix of measurements, photos, and a deep-dive questionnaire designed to uncover your ultimate design dreams.

Where will my home pieces be sourced from?

A combination of trade and retail finds shaped to fit your budget and space. We handle the trade-related tasks while you place the orders for the retail selections.

What’s the investment for this service?

Our pricing begins at $2,000, with a recommended budget of $12,000 to $50,000, to fully furnish your space with quality pieces that echo quality design.

Case Study: A Virtual Design for an Office

We wanted to share a little about a recent virtual design project in which we designed an office space. We started with mood boards and layout options. The vibe is masculine and elevated. Once a layout was agreed upon, we began sourcing office furniture, paint colors, hardware, etc., and crafting elevations for the custom-built elements.

After presenting our vision and incorporating client feedback, we put the finishing touches on the design. The result was a comprehensive package complete with a sourcing list, ready to come to life. We are now eagerly awaiting for the client to implement the design.


At the core of our virtual design service lies the belief that design encompasses more than just aesthetics; it encompasses the art of creating an environment that reflects your unique story and lifestyle. It's about the luxury of personalized elements coming together to form the backdrop of your everyday life. It's also about making design more accessible and giving you the freedom to implement a well-designed space at your own pace.

Guided by our passion and expertise, we will accompany you through this creative journey, ensuring that the end result is not just a house but a home that is unique to you.

Embrace the digital age, and inquire about our virtual design services by filling out our contact form. We can't wait to hear from you!


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