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Get your Home Ready for the Holiday Season

The autumn season is in full swing and just as you are about to relax, your mind starts wandering to the upcoming holiday season. You instantly feel a bit of stress as the mental to-do list grows. I totally get it, but I'm here to help! I love the holiday season as it means extra time with my family and new seasonal decor! To help reduce your overwhelm this season, I wanted to share a few tips that help me prepare my home for the holidays in hopes that it will help you too!

Get Organized

Take some time to declutter and organize the rooms in your home. I like to focus on the kitchen and main living room. Start putting away items that will be placed with more seasonal counterparts, like pillows, entryway decor, and kitchenware. Then take an inventory of your holiday season decor. Consider which items you want to reuse and what new pieces you want to add this year. This year we are loving neutral holiday decor with some added glitz and organic elements.

Style for the Season

Pick a few areas of your home that will highlight seasonal decor. I like to focus on the entryway, dining room table, and fireplace mantle. In the entryway, swap out smaller items on your console for pumpkins, followed by decorative trees later in the season. Spend some time getting your tablescape items ready. Pick out a runner, placemats, and centerpiece that match this year's aesthetic. For the mantle, start with placing some pumpkins and candles for the fall, swapping out the pumpkins for trees, and add some garland and stockings.

Get Ready for Guests

Create a warm and inviting space for family and friends to stay. I like to layer some holiday decor over the current decor in my guest room. Add a few pillows in your holiday color scheme to the bed and a few extra candles on the nightstand or dresser. Don't forget to set up the guest bathroom with fresh towels and overnight essentials.

PS: If you need help designing your guest room, check out our shoppable guest bedroom design!


Need some help getting your home holiday ready? Book a virtual or in person design dilemma consultation to discuss any and all design challenges you’re facing with your space.

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