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Case Study - Selections by DITD Kitchen Design Kit

Selections by DITD is your go-to for confidently transforming your bathroom or kitchen effortlessly. Our interior design kits come packed with all the essential design elements, drawings, and information required to instantly achieve a high-end designer look.

We recognize that designing layouts can be challenging. As an add-on feature in your design kit, we offer customized floor plans and elevations tailored to your space. Furthermore, we offer supplementary consultations and the choice to select alternative finishes or fixtures.

Recently, we had the pleasure of providing some add-on services for our client Reka who purchased a Selections by DITD Kitchen Design Kit, and we're excited to offer you an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the process and unveil the final design.

The Harmony Kitchen Design Kit

Our client was preparing for a home renovation and needed to make swift choices to avoid delays in construction. She opted for our interior design kits and was particularly drawn to the aesthetic of our Harmony kitchen design kit. It is light and airy and blends white and wood cabinets, black and brass fixtures, and sleek stone countertops.

Harmony Kitchen Design Kit by Diamonds in the Desert Design

What's Included in the Kitchen Design Kit:

In case you haven't checked out our interior design kits yet, we want to remind you about what is already included in the kitchen design kit:

Inspiration and Vision:

Our interior design kits start by showcasing the inspiration and vision for your space. Through moodboard-style pages, we present design aesthetics, including inspiration images, materials, and key fixtures. These pages aim to capture the essence of your desired design style and instill confidence in your final decisions.

Sample Elevations and Renderings:

Elevations are an essential component of any bathroom design. In our interior design kits, we provide sample elevations, key dimensions, and even a 3D rendering to help you visualize how everything will come together. With recommended installation locations and key measurements, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of your future space.

Selections and Design Details:

The heart of our interior design kits lies within the selections and design details. Each core element of your kitchen is given its dedicated page, filled with images, itemized lists, and important design notes. Every selection, from plumbing fixtures to hardware, is meticulously presented to ensure clarity and ease when ordering. We even provide a selections spreadsheet with links to order each item, simplifying the process for you or your contractor.

Customizing the Kitchen Design Kit

Floor Plans, Elevations, and 3D Renderings:

Our client was delighted to receive the selections in her inbox instantly but sought additional assistance from the Diamonds in the Desert Team. We crafted the kitchen layout, offering detailed floor plans and elevations to scale. Additionally, 3D renderings were provided to give her a visual representation of her future kitchen.

This process resembles collaborating with a designer for a custom design but with a crucial distinction: the conceptual design and selections are pre-made. By investing in a Selections interior design kit, you can drastically shorten the design timeline and cut down on design costs.

Harmony Kitchen Design Kit by Diamonds in the Desert Design

Harmony Kitchen Design Kit by Diamonds in the Desert Design


For additional designer support, we provided a few consultations where our team delved into specific design and implementation details to assist our client and contractor thoroughly. This valuable add-on ensures you receive expert guidance where you need it.


Our client was thrilled with every selection in the Kitchen Design Kit, appreciating the style and cohesiveness. However, she expressed interest in exploring additional lighting options. We selected new pendant lights that perfectly matched her desired aesthetic, adding a touch of mid-century to the design.

With this add-on service, we provide the option of sourcing new items individually, tailoring the selection process to meet your needs. This option ensures that each new element chosen aligns seamlessly with the envisioned design concept.

We were then brought on to source some additional items throughout her home!

Feedback & Final Thoughts

From our client:

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Veronica at Diamonds in the Desert Design for my kitchen renovation, and I must say, she delivered an absolutely amazing concept package. From the carefully selected items to her overall plan for my kitchen, everything was executed flawlessly. After seeing the thought and attention to detail that went into my kitchen, I couldn't resist taking advantage of her add-on services. I wanted my entire house to be in harmony with my beautiful future kitchen, and it was definitely the best decision I could have made. Veronica truly exceeded my expectations. The concept package she designed not only transformed my kitchen but also elevated the overall aesthetic of my home. She listened attentively to my preferences and incorporated them seamlessly into her design. The result was a kitchen that not only met but surpassed all of my desires. The add-on services offered by Diamonds in the Desert allowed me to extend that same level of excellence throughout my entire house. Whether it was choosing furniture for the living room or selecting lighting fixtures for my bathrooms, she continued to provide outstanding recommendations that I could not be happier with. Thank you” - Reka

Our interior design kits are designed to simplify the process and help you get started without feeling overwhelmed. To achieve a specific room aesthetic, they contain all the necessary hard finishes, such as tile, light fixtures, and paint colors. By using these kits, you can enjoy creating a space you love and start the implementation process instantly. And remember, if you need some extra assistance, consider adding on a consultation or custom plans like our client Reka.

Check out our shop page to view the available designs. Four bathrooms and one kitchen are ready for purchase, and more are coming soon!

If you have any questions about our interior design kits, send us an email at


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