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The Ultimate Kitchen Design and Renovation Selections Guide

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting journey that promises to refresh and revitalize the heart of your home. Whether you're a homeowner looking to undertake a DIY project, a builder aiming for efficiency in selections, or simply a design enthusiast eager to stay informed, navigating the myriad of choices can be daunting. To streamline your kitchen design and renovation process, we've compiled an essential selections checklist. This guide will ensure you cover all bases, from general aesthetics to the specific details that breathe life into your space.

free kitchen design and renovation selections checklist

A Selections Checklist for Kitchen Design & Renovation

Renovating a kitchen can be a huge undertaking. With so many components to consider, the choices make it easy to feel overwhelmed. That's why we've created a helpful selections checklist to keep your project organized and on track. You can download the checklist here for a definitive kitchen sourcing and selections guide.

General Selections

Paint - Choosing the right paint color sets the tone for your kitchen. Consider the lighting, the size of the space, and the mood you want to create. Do you prefer a bright and airy feel or a cozy and warm ambiance?

Flooring - Durability meets design when it comes to kitchen flooring. From hardwood to tile, the options are vast. Think about maintenance, comfort, and, of course, style when making your choice.

Windows - Windows not only affect the light in your kitchen but also impact the overall aesthetic. Decide on the size, style, and placement early in your planning phase to ensure a cohesive look.


Select appliances that match your cooking habits and kitchen size. Consider finishes that complement your kitchen design. You will need an oven/range, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Consider whether you want an oven with a range or a separate cooktop and wall oven. Consider if you want a built-in microwave or a countertop microwave.


Cabinetry is the backbone of kitchen design. Choose materials and finishes that reflect your style while keeping functionality in mind. Think about the style of the cabinetry doors and the function. Consider whether you will have the same throughout your kitchen or if you will go with different upper / lower or different island options. For your backsplash, think about if you want to do tile or stone. If you are going with tile, you will need to select the type, layout, and grout.Don't forget the hardware—it's the jewelry of your kitchen! Consider selecting 2-3 different styles of hardware in the same finish.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in your kitchen's functionality and atmosphere. Combine task, ambient, and accent lighting to create a dynamic and flexible space. We like including sconces on the range wall and pendants above the island.


For plumbing, you will need to select your sink and faucet. For your faucet, pick a finish that complements either your hardware or lighting. You may also want to include a pot filler, which adds luxury and convenience for those who love to cook.

Overwhelmed by Choices? Meet Selections by DITD

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Download our free Kitchen Selections Checklist to help you stay organized and confident throughout your renovation project. Plus, for those seeking a more guided approach, check out selections by DITD. Our interior design kits come with sample drawings, a design board detailing all of the selections and finishes, and a spreadsheet with links to shop, making your decision process as seamless as possible.

To explore our design kits and find the perfect one for your renovation needs, visit Selections by DITD.


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