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Shop the Design - A Modern, Moody Office

For this month's shoppable design, we are sharing a modern, moody office inspired by our #KeepinItNeutralProject. Whether you're looking for inspiration or ready to shop, this article will provide everything you need to create your own stunning office space. We'll look at some of the key elements that make up this design style and give you a link to our DITD shop collection so that you can easily recreate the same look in your own home. So let's get started!

The desk we sourced for this design is a showstopper with its large textured legs and weathered blonde tabletop. To complement the bold statement piece, we chose a modern black leather chair. Beneath the desk and chair lies a creamy geometric-patterned rug that adds more texture. We also added an elegant minimalist black chandelier above the desk to tie everything together perfectly!

To give your office the custom built-in look, consider using bookcases. In this design, we stacked three wooden bookcases side by side to achieve the desired effect. These bookshelves provide ample space for you to incorporate decorative pieces and accessories that will add an elevated touch to your office. We selected a variety of cream, black, and gold accessories. When styling your shelves, be sure to vary height elements while keeping an even balance of colors across them; a bit of blank space here and there helps complete the look.

Using a moody paint color, such as our pick Sherwin Williams' Storm Warning, is essential to achieving the desired aesthetic in this modern, moody office. With its deep hue and tonal richness, Storm Warning creates a sense of calm and sophistication, while also providing a striking contrast to the wood furniture and cream accents.

If you want to recreate this modern, moody office in your home, shop the design now by heading over to the DITD Shop !

To purchase the exact items in our #KeepinItNeutral office, send us an email at hello@diamondsinthedesertdesign to inquire about ordering assistance for the items not available in the DITD Shop.


DITD in real spaces

click on the image to be directed to the shop collection

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