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July- Arizona Lifestyle Edit

Welcome back to our lifestyle blog, where we blend design tips, travel highlights, and culinary adventures to inspire your everyday living. Today, we’re diving into how to create the perfect guest bedroom for your summer visitors, sharing a memorable trip to Austin, Texas, offering a delicious twist on classic summer drinks, and highlighting a fantastic dining experience in Scottsdale. Let's get started!

Diamonds in the Desert | Lifestyle Edit | Phoenix Arizona | Interior Design

Monthly Drink Recipe: Celebrate July 4th with a Berry Mocktail

Summer celebrations call for refreshing drinks, and what better way to toast to Independance day weekend than with a delicious berry mocktail? Here’s a simple recipe to try:

Berry Fresh Blast Mocktail

Drink Ingredients:

  • 1 cup raspberries

  • Fever-Tree Sparkling Lemonade

  • Santa Cruz Lemon-Lime Juice

  • 2 dashes of simple syrup, honey or agave syrup

  • Ice cubes

  • Handful of blueberries

  • Mint leaves for garnish


  1. In a glass muddle together the raspberries and the mint. 

  2. Fill the glass with ice. 

  3. Pour the Fever-Tree Sparkling Lemonade drink to the top of the ice cubes. 

  4. Add a splash of Santa Cruz lemon-lime juice.

  5. Add a couple dashes of simple syrup. 

  6. Top with a handful of fresh blueberries.

  7. For a layered look, do not stir drink.

  8. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and a whole Strawberry.

  9. Serve immediately and enjoy!

mocktail recipe | diamonds in the desert design | phoenix arizona | interior design

Featured Arizona Restaurant: Brunch at Le Ame at the Global Ambassador



If you're in the mood for a delightful brunch experience, look no further than Le Ame at the Global Ambassador. This local gem offers an exquisite menu that combines classic brunch favorites with innovative twists.

Le Ame: Nestled in the heart of the city, Le Ame’s elegant ambiance and impeccable service make it the perfect spot for a leisurely brunch. From their fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup to their savory eggs Benedict, every dish is crafted with the finest ingredients. Don’t miss their freshly brewed coffee and selection of pastries – they are simply divine.

Arizona Restaurant Feature | Diamonds in the Desert Design | Interior Design

Travel Highlight: Europe and Our Celebrity Cruise

This summer, I embarked on a dream journey across Europe, with the highlight being our Celebrity cruise from Rome to France to Barcelona. The experience was nothing short of magical.

Barcelona, Spain: Among all the incredible destinations, Barcelona stood out. The city's vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine left an indelible mark on my heart. From wandering through the Gothic Quarter to marveling at Gaudí's masterpieces like Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, every moment was a feast for the senses. Barcelona’s blend of historical charm and modern flair makes it a must-visit on any European adventure.

Styling Tip: Refresh Your Guest Bathroom for Summer Guests

As the summer heat rolls in, so do our beloved guests, seeking a retreat from their everyday lives. Ensuring your guest bathroom feels like a serene oasis is key to making them feel at home. Here's a quick tip to transform your guest bathroom into a summer haven:

Go Light and Breezy: Swap out dark, heavy towels and mats for lighter, pastel-colored ones. Opt for crisp whites, soft blues, or gentle yellows to evoke a summery vibe.

Add a touch of nature with fresh flowers in a small vase or a potted plant.

Complete the look with a few scented candles in fragrances like citrus to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

diamonds in the desert design | bathroom inspiration | phoenix arizona | interior design


Whether you’re sprucing up your home for guests, planning your next travel adventure, or enjoying a refreshing summer drink, I hope these tips and highlights inspire you to make the most of this beautiful season.

Cheers to a fabulous summer!

Stay tuned for my August edit!


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