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Home Staging
Leave a Lasting Impression 

High-end home staging for luxury properties

If you’re ready to sell your home or listing, professional staging is key to making a strong first impression and helping potential buyers visualize themselves in the space. We combine our expertise and experience in interior design, architecture, and real estate to ensure your space looks beautiful, flows well, and earns top dollar.

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For Vacant Homes

Our goal is to make a vacant house feel like a lived-in home, with high-end furniture pieces and decor that appeals to discerning home buyers.

For Occupied Homes

We consult with homeowners as they prepare to put their home on the market, providing recommendations for potential updates/repairs, paint colors suggestions, furniture arrangement, and more.

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The Facts

Did you know…

Staged homes sell 17% higher on average than non-staged homes.

Home staging has an average ROI of 8-10%

87% of buyers said home presentation made a difference in their decision.

In love with the look?
Each item is available for purchase from the buyers.

Trust us when we say we’ll stage the spaces so well, you’ll want to keep it long after closing! Each piece of furniture and decor item we use will be available for purchase by the buyer if desired, adding to the value and level of service throughout the experience. We will provide a price list proposal during the staging process.

How It Works

Elegance and ease at your service


Choose your kit

Determine which of our kits is right for you, and your purchase will be sent to you via email as a digital download.


Order your materials

Our clickable shopping lists make it easy for you or your contractor to order the necessary materials.


Create your space

Using the elevations and renderings provided, it’s time to install your new space, sit back, relax, and enjoy it!

Professional staging might be right for you if…

  • Your home or listing is empty or vacant and needs temporary furnishings

  • You’re having trouble selling your home or listing at your desired price or speed

  • You want the listing to appeal to higher-end clientele or price point

  • You struggle to maintain an objective perspective around your belongings or to self-edit

Get Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Home Staging? Home staging is the thoughtful process of preparing a home for sale by enhancing its visual appeal to potential buyers. It involves carefully placing high-end furniture pieces and decor to create an inviting living space, with the goal of invoking a sense of home for potential buyers and selling the home faster for a higher price. Why is Home Staging Important? Our home staging: Provides an impactful and positive first impression Depersonalizes the space, which allows buyers to envision themselves living in the property Highlights the best features of the home Increases perceived value Helps the space stand out from competition What if the buyer wants to buy the furniture? Our staging furniture and decor items are for sale and we encourage the buyer to purchase them! We use high-end, designer pieces that are beautiful and functional. We will provide a price list proposal during the staging process. Do we stage all of the rooms? We offer full or partial staging. Oftentimes, we suggest staging the main living spaces, the primary bedroom/bathroom, and bathrooms.

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