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What type of service did you provide ??

In this section you can answer the following questions ::
- What service was performed ? Example given below.

- Commercial Rennovation


- What expectations were met? In this section briefly state the results provided through your framework. This section will highlight the clients requirements. Example given below.

- Open Concept Kitchen Remodel
- Family Functional Gathering
- Modern & Upscale Aesthetic


In this section you wan to showcase where your work can be shared on. Diamonds in the Desert can invite users to share their clients story to their audience and boost impact!


This is probably one of the most in-depth sections yet. In this area you want to give clarity to the problem, the vision, and how you executed the design. Your expertise will shine in this section. In the first half, you want to speak about the clients vision. Talk about  how you guys met and their vision, you can also speak to the home design, how their incision resonated with Diamonds in the Desert and why you guys decided to take on that client.

In this section you want to give insight to the challenges provided. What problems were you faced with? How did Diamonds in the Desert project the outcome and what implementation looks like. You can also talk about key questions that were the cornerstone for the final outcome. 

Lastly you want to speak on the results! In this section you can write about the delivery and the client initial feedback vs their final feedback. In this area you want to highlight how your design become life transforming for the client. If Diamonds in the Desert has their own takeaways this is the section to spit ideas. Doesn’t have to be this long and doesn’t have to be this short.


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